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Model: Electronic magnet impulse RBX-1







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No. 8# Massager Wbx-1 The first user recommends style !
Action diameter £º 26.5mm
perfect !
Whole size £º 130mm
Manufacturer£ºRhinio Health,Inc.


there is feeling of the burning one, it is other haemorrhoids patient's first-selected thing. The reseach of this fund product has been put into quite a lot of time and clinical expenses, before selling, the continuous and clinical test of the attachment while once passing long, the result is better, given a recommendation as the outstanding products of the world range with more complete function.

Newly Computer redesigned
Original cures prostate massager model
Adjustable perineal acupressure arm
Constant temperature 47¡æ
Promote blood circulation
Restore Prostate Channels' Permeability



Because every person has a different physiology, the force of contractions, contact with the prostate, and the sensation of quivering muscles will vary from person to person. This occurs due to differences in the depth of the rectal cavity, the gland size and position, location and strength of the abdomen, and level of force. Models RBX-1 and RMX-2 measure 130mm and 120mm, respectively. Each arm has an electrode in the rounded nub of its end.

The electrodes deliver a low-frequency current at the point of contact with the body.

Tensing the muscles of your entire body can increase the pressure of the massage. Contraction of the anal sphincter muscle together with that of the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle, for penis erection) will cause more blood to flow through the penis. The penis has a feeling of expanding and swelling. This practice is highly effective for promoting sexual. Spontaneous ejaculation or other similar strong sensations may or may not occur.


Medical Care

Do NOT use this product if you are under medical care for or have been diagnosed with or suspect: acute prostatitis, prostate gland tuberculosis, or prostate tumors or cancer. Self-administered prostate massage treatment is just one of other treatment methods. It does NOT replace other clinical therapies or medical treatment.





Heating curer prostate massage can reduce and relief pain in the prostate. It also functions as an advanced stimulator to produce pleasant sensations and increase sexual sensitivity through electronic impulse in nerve fibers. Massage can be a highly sensual experience.

Draining of the prostate can occur by release of fluid from the penis through the urethra. A strong, pleasant sensation in the prostate simultaneously occurs that may or may not involve typical ejaculation. It is common for an erection to remain after prostate draining. Complete draining could require one or multiple smaller releases.

Prostate orgasm refers to massaging the prostate gland in order to produce a flow and elimination of seminal fluid (semen) without ejaculation. A prostate orgasm should always be performed gently. Very vigorous prostate stimulation or massage when trying to achieve the strongest orgasm may cause serious medical injuries, even fatality. During a prostate release, seminal fluid flows out rather than being squirted out (as in a regular ejaculation).

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