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No. 3# Massager Ex-2 recommends style !
Action diameter £º 23mm
perfect !
Whole size £º 98mm
Manufacturer£ºRhinio Health,Inc.


prostate massager ex-2


     Comments: It is the newest type of Rhinios series. 3 country (U.S.A., Britain, Japan) traffics in the world now of Enemagla regular products, but according to a lot of customers' prostate data characteristic, this kind of product developed newly is apter to catch the main point of the prostate. Know position on beginner for prostate type the getting more suitable to have caught correctly by main pointed very much so that when massage activity achieve maximum efficacy. EX suitable for, inserting rectum, rectum sphincter of appropriate short people small-scale. Please confirm the best massage result.

     The model EX-2 is recommended for customers who is below 175cm in height .

What is the prostate massage therapy?

     The so-called prostate gland massage therapy is through regularly to the prostate gland massage, the drainage prostate gland fluid, discharges the inflammatory material to achieve relieves the prostate gland secretion to be pent-up, the improvement partial blood circulation, urges the inflammation absorption and the retrogression one therapy.The prostate gland massage method regarding stores to keep and the chronic bacterial prostatitis, every gland full, soft, purulent secretion many especially is suitable.It not only is one diagnosis method, also is one treatment method.Some people thought this therapy the treatment significance even may surpass the antibiotic.

Applicable scope:

     The prostate gland massage method is suitable for prostatitis, the chronicity , the inflammation which fungus prostatitis, chronic aseptic prostatitis .

Use method£º

     You can use lubricant companion moisten the anus and the massager, thrusts gently, the sphincter can automaticly inspirate massager, hold back the prostate gland using the sphincter nature contraction strength, then with the handle proposed afterwards relaxes, the movement completes the massage like this repeatedly.Each time massages 3~5 minutes, take each time has the prostate gland fluid to discharge as good from the urethra, when massage certainly must be gentle, each time massages the treatment to be separated at least above 3 day, the general each week massages 1~2 times.After obtains the curative effect, but also must persist the treatment makes the full treatment course, after rests severalth to be possible to continue to treat, in order to help consolidated curative effect.The partial patients have the aching feeling in second days ,if so, they have to reduce the massage intensity.

     The following several kind of situations should not do massage suitably: Every doubts for the acute prostatitis, the prostate gland tuberculosis, the tumor patient taboo massage.

    Declared specially that,The prostate gland self-administered massage treatment is only one assistance treatment method, It cannot replace other therapies completely.

    In order to lighten patient's economic burden and the convenience treatment, this massager design for home use.

    Certainly can obtain the satisfactory curative effect.

About model choice:

Which one model should I choose? Many friend from net ask this question frequently, as a result of each person's physiological condition dissimilar, its straight enteric cavity depth, gland position, size, including use when the abdomen effort situation and so on, causes the request model not the same model, regarding this, the available height judges approximately, the man his height above 175CM can uses dx-1 or electric Bx-1,reversely, use ex-2 or eletric Mx-2 quite is good.

Shipping: (only to reference)

Chinese Postal
The aviation mail
(arrive within 10-30days)
Chinese Postal
(arrive within 3-8days)
(arrive within 3-7days)
Not include 12% fuel tax
first 100gm extra 100gm first 500gm extra 500gm first 500gm extra 500gm
Europe $4.5 $2 $32 $10 $44 $11
North America $4.5 $2 $27 $10 $41 $11
Oceania $5 $3 $25 $7 $36 $8
Macau,Hong Kong $4 $2 $15 $7 $21 $4
East Asia, Taiwan $4 $2 $19 $7 $30 $7

    The sigle packge total weight 500g, so, you can estimate the shipping cost according about table.

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